A bush walk

Every time I come home, I’m struck by a whole slew of feelings. They’re often fleeting, strong, and hard to define. They can be triggered by snacks, plants, clothes worn by strangers, familiar architectural styles, or the feeling in the air.

But I’m getting better at acknowledging the feelings and sending them on their way. Our days of moving back and forth and uprooting our lives at the drop of a hat are over. We’re older, our family has grown, and the world has changed. And, anyway, the feelings are a mixed bag, and do not lead to conclusions.

But one thing I’ve learned is to soak in what I can, when I can, and to record what I can, to look back on when the feeling takes me. This entry is an exercise in recording, for posterity, and for those of you following our journey down under.

Pointing at a kookaburra
A grandmother and her inquisitive grandchild
Christmas beetle
Cuddles with Grandpa
Big lips
Grandpa at home in the bush
Dad and baby in the bush
Egg sack
Scribbly gum
Some kind of native orchid
Nice leaves
A bit rude
Red berries
Swirling banksia leaves
Cicada shell
Grandpa the aeroplane
Mum poses with the blueberry ash
Cool fungi
Little buggy
A tiny banana (not really a banana)
Spiky things
A nice leaf
Little seeds
Nice blue berries
Fruity things
Yucky fly
Nice, curly leaves
Egg sack number two
Leaf curling spider
Elsie holds a pink flower thing
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Lily Ray
Lily Ray

Journalist, photographer, traveller and knitter. Mother to a small but demanding infant, Lily's life is messy but generally lovely. She has a lot of thoughts. Here is where she puts them.

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